Paying for College Lesson 100

Our latest Cleverly Changing Podcast episode discusses paying for college and how early families should start. Brad Baldridge is a college funding specialist who worked with thousands of families to help them plan and save for college. He is the host of the Podcast Taming the High Cost of College, and he is a dad who has navigated this college readiness and tuition journey with his own children. There are several follow up resources to help you as your start your path paying for college for your own children.

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Kihinde means second-born twin in Yuroba.  


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Grown Folks Talking About Paying for College with Brad Baldridge

Here is additional inforation about our guest today, Brad Baldridge, who is a financial expert. Brad has been sharing his
college planning insights with clients, subscribers and listeners for nearly 20 years. He teaches parents the best ways to save and pay for college, including how to find the right school, maximize financial aid and scholarships, avoid student loan debt, and make your children’s college dreams come true without wiping out your finances or retirement.

Since 1998, Brad has become one of the nation’s leading college planning and college financial experts. He offers life-changing advice through his private practice, his online platforms, and at numerous workshops, seminars and events each year.

In this episode, we discuss:
  • Tell us a little about your background and your family. Do you have children?
  • Saving for college can seem overwhelming for homeschool families investing in academics each year. What advice would you give a family who wants to save but can only put a small amount aside?
  • How should the average parent get started? Do parents need to plan for college?
  • What top strategies do you recommend for saving and paying for college?
  • You say that one of the biggest surprises for many parents is that the price of college isn’t what they see on school websites. What price should parents expect to pay?
  • Remember that many homeschool families have a household where at least one parent is an entrepreneur. Many parents worry that paying for college will wipe out or delay their retirement. How can families balance paying for college and saving for retirement?
  • You say many students can attend a private college for about the same price as a public university. But private colleges are costly, so how is that possible?
Check out these resources and connect with Brad at:
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Paying for College Lesson 100
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