Lesson 101: Eytomology Rules with Brittany Selah Lee-Bey

The Cleverly Changing Podcast is your guide to innovative education. In this episode, we welcome Brittany Selah Lee-Bey, an educator, reading specialist, and the creative mind behind "EtymologyRules: Back to Basics" and The EtymologyRules Show. While diving into the show, we discover how Brittany transforms literacy education for youth through interactive workbooks and an engaging YouTube children's show.
[Show Notes]

Host: Elle Cole
Guest: Brittany Selah Lee-Bey, Educator, Reading Specialist, and Author

- Brittany's inspiration behind creating "EtymologyRules: Back to Basics" and her passion for improving literacy skills.
- The unique and exciting approach of The EtymologyRules Show in making learning an adventure for children.
- Techniques and methods employed by Brittany to help youth struggling with reading.

**Key Discussion Points:**
1. The Inspiration Behind "EtymologyRules: Back to Basics"
- The driving force behind Brittany's passion for improving literacy skills.
- EtymologyRules Workbook

2. The EtymologyRules Show: Making Learning Fun for Children
- The origin of the show and its impact on young audiences.
- Characters Ms. B and Ori: Bringing the magic to literacy education.
- The EtymologyRules Show on ATPKidsNetwork

3. Techniques to Help Struggling Readers
- Specific methods and interactive exercises in the workbook.
- From the book "Complete with information, skill instruction, and practice, this first book of the Etomology Rules series helps its reader become a word connoisseur, one who is an expert of word knowledge." 

4. Success Stories and Memorable Moments
- Real-life examples of significant positive changes in children's reading abilities.
- Engage with Brittany, see Success Stories, and connect in the Etymology Rules Facebook Group

5. Balancing Enjoyable Learning with Educational Content
- Striking the right balance to ensure effectiveness and impact.
- The importance of engagement in the learning process.

6. Leveraging Digital Platforms for Accessibility
- The role of YouTube and ATPKidsNetwork in reaching a wider audience.
- Link to EtymologyRules Podcast and more

7. Future Plans and Initiatives
- Expanding impact through partnerships and additional educational resources.
- Upcoming projects and initiatives to look forward to.

- Thank you to Brittany Selah Lee-Bey for sharing insights and the transformative work in literacy education.
- Stay connected with Brittany on Instagram, facebook, and find more about EtymologyRules on their Official Website: https://etymologyrules.com.
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Lesson 101:  Eytomology Rules with Brittany Selah Lee-Bey
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