125 Things To Do With Your Kids During Holiday Break

Episode Summary:

Join us for a festive episode as we explore a myriad of exciting activities to make this holiday season truly special for your family. In this episode of the Cleverly Changing Podcast, we dive into 125 fantastic things you can do with your kids during their holiday break across the USA.

Episode Highlights:

At-Home Activities with Kids (25 Ideas)
- Create DIY snowflakes, handprint ornaments, and gingerbread houses.
- Engage in holiday-themed baking and craft personalized holiday cards.
- Enjoy family dance parties, storytelling sessions, and indoor scavenger hunts.

Family-Friendly Activities (25 Ideas)
- Host game nights, movie marathons, and cozy blanket forts.
- Organize family picnics, storytelling hours, and yoga sessions together.

Activities with Friends (25 Ideas)
- Plan virtual cookie exchanges, trivia nights, and craft sessions with friends.
- Host virtual karaoke nights, cooking classes, and escape room challenges.

Family-Friendly Field Trips (25 Ideas)
- Visit local holiday markets, Christmas tree farms, and light shows.
- Explore museums, historical sites, botanical gardens, and wildlife parks.

**Great Photo Opportunities & Memory-Making Adventures (25 Ideas)**
- Enjoy snowy mountain resorts, amusement parks, and live stage shows.
- Attend outdoor concerts, visit ice sculptures, and capture scenic holiday photo shoots.

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The holidays are about creating lasting memories and bonding with your loved ones. These 125 diverse activities cater to all interests and age groups, ensuring your family a joyous and fulfilling holiday season.

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125 Things To Do With Your Kids During Holiday Break
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