Worldschooling Curriculum Lesson 77

Worldschooling is a lifestyle and using the world itself to teach and give your children/students access to knowledge from real-life experiences! In this episode we spoke to a mom of six who shared how she creates her worldschooling curriculum.
Have you ever thought about worldschooling? On the Cleverly Changing Podcast we've had two episodes that mention worldschooling and both guests go about traveling and teaching their children in different ways. Our first introduction to worldschooling was Episode 48 Worldschooling with Jade Weatherington, Jade discussed teaching and traveling the world with her daughter as an educator and single mother. Our next guest who talked about using practical knowledge and traveling was Kori from Educating Your Child Abroad Lesson 69. Kori children's are learning at a boarding school in Ghana. During today's show, we shared a completely different worldschooling experience. We spoke to Sakilé Ramir about worldschooling curriculum while also traveling with six children.

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What is the highest mountain in Africa?

The highest Mountain in Africa is Mount kilimanjaro, which is located in Tanzania. It's tallest peak/summit is Uhuru Peak which is about 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) and it is comprised of 3 volcanos. 

African Proverb
A child who knows how to wash his hands dines with the elders. - Ghana Proverb from the Ewe People

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Akwaaba means welcome in Twi

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Grown Folks Section: Meet Sakilé Ramir who shared about her Worldschooling Curriculum Methods
Worldschooling is a lifestyle and using the world itself to teach and give your children/students access to knowledge from real-life experiences! 

You can learn more about Sakilé and her families travels at You can also connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Get her free "Success Guide to Homeschooling" by reaching out to her directly at Sakile(at)

Listen in to hear all about how Sakilé pours into herself and her family while traveling the world and homeschooling her 6 children. Here's what we discuss:
  • Plant based living.
  • The importance of being in unison with your family and having clear goals.
  • The successes of the children as entrepreneurs and free thinkers.
  • Sakilé's homeschool philosophy.
  • The importance of nurturing self and what self-care looks like for her.
  • How she helps other families step into their dreams and find their homeschooling rhythm.
Sakilé is dropping a lot of great gems that can really help guide you in your quest towards worldschooling and child led learning. We hope you're as encouraged as we are through this conversation.

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Worldschooling Curriculum Lesson 77
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