Finding a Way to Homeschool Lesson 83

In this episode's discussion Chanita offered encouragement and resources to parents who need help finding a way to homeschool. She shared lessons learned as a 13 year homeschooling parent.
Are you trying to find a way to homeschool your children? Then listen up and visit our show notes page to connect with today's podcast cast. We will give you a taste of what homeschooling entails. 

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Grown Folks Section: Meet Chanita Williams 
Chanita Williams is the owner and CEO of SHE Training and Consulting (STC), where she provides educational support services for students K-12. Additionally, providing training and workshops for parents. Chanita has homeschooled her kids from birth to 9th grade. 

In this episode's discussion, Chanita Williams offered encouragement and resources about things she learned as a 13-year homeschooling parent. She shared:
  • Different ways parents can work and also homeschool
  • How to choose the right curriculum
  • Ways parents can present their portfolio with ease
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Finding a Way to Homeschool Lesson 83
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