It Takes a Melanin Village

We discuss the importance of a homeschooling support system and systems in general to help your days run more smoothly.
Our latest Cleverly Changing Podcast episode discusses the importance of a homeschooling support system and general systems to help your days run more smoothly. We listened to a former teacher who now homeschools and supports other homeschoolers tell us why it takes a Melanin Village to be a Black family homeschooling in America.

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Grown Folks Talking with Brenaea Fairchild

Brenaea Fairchild is the founder of The Melanin Village and a homeschooling mother of two boys. She knows what it's like to balance it all. She describes it more as juggling balls. You'll want to listen to the whole analogy. It just might help you better prioritize things. Brenaea's a certified teacher of social studies and Spanish as well as an entrepreneur. The Melanin Village is a global homeschool collective for mothers of color. Its main objective is to equip and empower Black homeschoolers by offering professional development and learning opportunities, clubs, meetups, and so much more. 

In this episode, we discuss:
  • The Melanin Village origin story
  • The importance of finding community and supporting other homeschooling families.
  • Diversity versus affinity and safe spaces.
  • The importance of finding and implementing systems that work for the way your family lives and moves. Brenaea has found the capsule wardrobe to be particularly helpful for her family.
  • What The Melanin Village and its app offer and how to join.
Connect with Brenaea Fairchild  at:
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