Music is Great For Learning and Boosts a Child's Self-Esteem

Ms. Angel Monét uses the power of music to promote positive themes such as anti-bullying, self-esteem building, and community responsibility. During this episode of the Cleverly Changing Podcast we explore how music is great for learning and boosts a child's self-esteem. Please subscribe and share.
During this episode we will share and discuss how music is great for learning and boosts a child's self-esteem. Every culture in the world embraces music.

History to Explore

One of the most influential instruments in African culture are drums. Drums are considered the heartbeat of Africa. The book Oral Literature in Africa discusses how drums were used to communicate different messages in African culture (learn more).

African Proverb

Fear a silent man. He has lips like a drum. - Yoruba Proverb

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Oni means today in Yoruba. 
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Grown Folks Talking About How Music is Great For Learning and Boosts a Child's Self-Esteem

Monét is better known as (“Ms. Angel Monét”), and she is a Boston-native and founder of Inét Productions, Inc. She is a multifaceted entertainer who has pioneered a movement beyond music and uses the power of arts to promote positive themes such as anti-bullying, self-esteem building, and community responsibility. Monet A. Ledbetter Glaude is the founder and Executive Director of Inét Entertainment Corporation and the president of Inet Productions Inc., which offers instrumental, vocal, and performance skills. She is an instructor and graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, receiving a Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Professional Music.
For over a decade, 4x award winning Female Music Producer of New England’s Urban Award. Angel Monét has created a revolution in the world of Children’s music through her original songs filled with uplifting themes and Gospel, Pop, Funk, Hip Hop and Caribbean rhythms.

Inét Productions Inc

As president of Inét Productions Inc, Ms. Angel Monét runs a music production company that specializes in the development of instrumental, vocal and performance skills. She is a proud instructor for Berklee City Music’s Piano and Voice programs at her alma mater Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ma. She is the founder of the HOI Network Internet Radio Station and Creator of the “House of Inspiration Show”. 
Monét Ledbetter-Glaude’s original program, “Peppy People’s Music” provides a multicultural music curriculum with resources that teach children the fundamentals of music and addresses the needs of music in early childhood education. She is a songwriter, performer, vocalist, pianist and playwright. She is also the creator of “Jack’s World”, a musical filled with inspirational messages of Love, Family and Self-Esteem. Mone’t received an iParenting Media Award for the Jack’s World” soundtrack and was a featured opening act for the famous “Univer-Soul Circus.” 

Monét has also written, performed, produced, and recorded her latest song “MY TEACHER” which is a tribute to teachers all over the world. Her recent album, “Children Are a Gift,” was released on her own imprint, Rossy Records. She is also the author of the children’s book “Introducing Jack Christopher Wilson” that comes along with music and character-building tools. Listen today's episode and learn how music is important for your child to explore as a part of his or her curriculum. 

Connect with Ms. Angel Monét

Tweetable quote: "There are lessons to learn from the very children we raise. Because of that, I genuinely believe bringing awareness to the importance of mental health and positive self-esteem are community responsibilities . . . edifying tunes creates core memories for families. 

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Music is Great For Learning and Boosts a Child's Self-Esteem
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