Supporting Educational Entrepreneurs With The VELA Fund

The President and CEO of the VELA Education fund joined us on the Cleverly Changing Podcast. They are committed to the community and have awarded more than $3.6 million to accelerate education innovation and different opportunities for other learners.
During this episode we share how the VELA fund is supporting educational entrepreneurs. They specifically specialize educational experiences that are out of the box. In 2010 at one of my daughter's pediatric appointments her doctor advised me to homeschool. The thought changed my children's first academic experiences and increased my love for education.

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"In Kijita (Wajita) there is a proverb which says "Omwana ni wa bhone," meaning regardless of a child's biological parent(s) its upbringing belongs to the community (source).

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Adore means medicine in the Twi language from Ghana.

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Grown Folks Talking with, Meredith Olson, the President of the VELA Education Fund

Meredith Olson was appointed President of the VELA Education Fund in 2021. She was familiar to the organization and previously served as a founding member of VELA’s Board. Meredith stated, “The pandemic has dramatically increased awareness of unconventional, human-centered education models, and as VELA plots its course for 2021, I am committed to accelerating adoption by more families and communities.”

The VELA Education fund is committed to the community and has awarded more than $3.6 million to accelerate education innovation and opportunity for every learner.

Meredith is the mother of four children, two of her children are twins. As you will hear during the podcast, she is excited to help fund innovative educational ideas. In addition to wearing many hats, Olson also actively involved in the community, serving on the boards of Rainbows United Inc. and is currently board chair at WSU Tech.


VELA Education Fund is Supporting Educational Entrepreneurs

If you want to learn more about how the VELA Education fund supporting educational entrepreneurs please visit their website below. The VELA Education Fund is a  micro grant program, that provides seed funding to early-stage, non-traditional education models created by everyday entrepreneurs – parents, educators, community leaders, and even students.

Connect with Vela Education Fund

Here are some of the questions that this episode explored.
  1. What led you to start the VELA education in 2020?
  2. What were some educational experiences that encouraged you to value thinking outside the box and learning in unconventional ways while growing up?
  3. Why are non-traditional educational opportunities critical for people today?
  4. What are two of the most unusual concepts submitted by grantees you've funded? 
  5. To date, you've been able to award over 11 million dollars to educational organizations and groups, what are you most proud of the VELA has done in the community?
  6. What types of results have you seen from grant awardees?
  7. We know that VELA receives many applicants, and everyone isn't awarded. What are you looking for most when considering funding an organization's project or idea?
  8. As the founder, what is most fulfilling about running this organization?
  9. How can people in the community best support the work you do?
  10. Where should people go to connect with you and the VELA Education Fund?

Shareable quote: "I am passionate about this work because too many children do not have access to education that develops their individual talents and interests, and instead just passes them through the standardized system, leading to disengagement and underachievement" (source). 

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Supporting Educational Entrepreneurs With The VELA Fund
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