Growing Nutritious Foods and Educated Kids

We're talking to Stacey Woodson about her homeschooling journey and how being a dietician and an author influences her parenting and family relationships. This episode is all about growing nutritious foods and educated kids too.
During this episode we will share and discuss Stacey Woodson's homeschooling journey and how being a dietician and an author influences her parenting and family relationships.

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One of the most influential instruments in African culture are drums. Drums are considered the heartbeat of Africa. The book Oral Literature in Africa discusses how drums were used to communicate different messages in African culture (learn more).

Use this resource to learn more about Nigerian food.

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Oun t’a ó jẹ l’àgbà oun ta ó se: “What we want to eat is, on the hierarchical scale, superior to what we want to do. - Yoruba Proverb

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Osan means orange in Yoruba and is from the country of Nigeria

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Grown Folks Talking About Growing Nutritious Foods and Educated Kids

Our guest, Stacey Woodson, MS, RD, LDN is a dietitian-nutritionist and entrepreneur.  She is a counselor, speaker, and author on the topics of nutrition and wellness.

She loves teaching children about healthy eating and introducing them to new foods. She also has a passion for representing and affirming children of color which inspired her to start a clothing line named Melanated Magic Tees. Stacey enjoys gardening, foraging, yoga, and spending time in nature. Her Delicious and Nutritious children's book series empowers children with the knowledge to make nourishing food choices and become adventurous eaters. The series was inspired by and loosely based on her children. Stacey lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband, three children, and her cat.

Inside this episode you can look forward to hearing about:
  • How Stacey got started homeschooling.
  • How she approaches educating her children..
  • What it's like being an author and a homeschool mom.
  • Ways she incorporates nutrition and healthy living into her homeschooling.
  • Exploring how words matter and ways to frame nutrition in ways that are less polarizing.
Connect with Stacey Woodson
Tweetable quote: "If you can read and do basic math you can learn how to do anything." - Stacey Woodson, MS, RD, LDN

Resources to help teach your children about gardening and nutritious foods
  • UNICEF has a great list for parents to jump start better eating habits.
  • See What Grows has some great suggestions on how to get kids excited about growing food.
  • OurSpace has a lot of great educational opportunities for families who are interested in gardening and survival skills.
  • If you're interested in getting started growing, your local library is a great place to start. Many cities and counties have a seed library in addition to books, and they offer patrons seeds to help them grow a variety of plants and vegetables.
  • Miriam's farm, Sisters of the Soil Community Farm, has volunteer opportunities for folks of all ages to help out on the farm and learn more about growing and food.
  • Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance has a wealth of resources and they offer events and workshops as well.

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Growing Nutritious Foods and Educated Kids
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